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About Enerkeep

The Short Version

Enerkeep is a trademark of Gridacy GmbH in Berlin. We are an international team of software and energy experts with a shared vision: A world with clean energy for everyone — decentralized and in the hand of citizens.

Enerkeep’s mission is to empower clean energy independence: in your home, city, and region. We provide useful tools and key information for “energy citizens” and “prosumers” who don’t just consume energy, but intend to help shape the future with it.


Electricity generation from solar/photovoltaic and wind power plants is decentralized by default. It also varies over time, and doesn’t always match the immediate electricity consumption. With many decentralized solar/wind sources, the lack of control of their output (“dispatch-ability”) makes it difficult to integrate more such sources into our current energy system.

Energy storage is the key to solving this problem: it makes renewable sources plannable and controllable. Storage ensures predictability of solar and wind — and thus secures its financing, growth, and continued grid-integration. Combining storage systems with private and decentralized solar/PV systems lets Germany’s “energy transition” — and also the world’s — grow locally, then regionally, while remaining in citizens' hands.

The problem: solar storage is a new product. For interested users like you, it is often difficult to make the right purchasing decision, because the nascent market is complex and non-transparent, with new companies offering new products, in new designs, adhering (or not) to new standards.

Thus Enerkeep has the goal of offering the widest variety of solar storage products in a transparent market, with the help of online tools, comparable product metrics, and simple explanations. Let our technical and financial analyses help you select the right storage system, then connect you to the best installers. We support you from initial info, to product research and choice, and right through to starting up your system.

Your advantages with Enerkeep

  1. First the storage system, then the installer
    When interested in solar storage, many clients seek advice from a solar-installer in their vicinity. That used to to make sense when considering a PV-only system, since many installers could offer a wide range of products (modules/panels, inverters) from many manufacturers. But for solar batteries this is not necessarily the case, because most storage systems require the installer to do a product-specific training. Thus, not every installer can offer every energy storage. So Enerkeep offers the widest range of products, to explain all your options and help you objectively compare them. Then we can connect you with the right installer.
  2. Answer key questions: what size storage system? which one?
    For your household, there is an optimal storage/battery size, depending on the production curve of your PV system, and your consumption load profile. Often batteries are too big (meaning too expensive and under-utilized) or too small (high wear, low self-sufficiency contribution). With our solar battery tool, you can find your individual optimum size, and then narrow down the selection of suitable storage systems.
  3. Learn about solar storage from experts
    To date, the variety of offerings, the technical complexity, and the issues of safety and economics of storage systems are obstacles for many potential customers. It is time-consuming and complicated to get comparable technical parameters across different manufacturers, or answer specific questions of quality, sizing, technology, and so on. Enerkeep offers our Know-How section as a useful and free starting point.
  4. Always available - the Enerkeep experts
    Enerkeep provides a free personal consultation, anytime via email or by phone. With our decades of industry knowledge and expertise, we will gladly provide you with advice and practical help - including free analyses, checklists, and our battery knowledge. Just try it, we look forward to your message!
  5. Intelligently connected - the Enerkeep community
    Solar/PV batteries can do more than just optimize your self-consumption — especially at times or seasons like winter. In the near future, solar storage systems could act as a coordinated team, forming a powerful resource for the entire power grid. Enerkeep can help make this possible: we offer concepts and technology for connecting and marketing storage capacity, to help you reap more value from your system. Contact us!

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